Chairman Chen Zhi Donates US$3M COVID-19 Vaccines

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Chairman Chen Zhi Cambodia, of Prince Holding Group, offered $3,000,000 to Prime Minister Hun Sen on December 7, 2020, for the procurement of 1 million dosages of COVID-19 Vaccines. As of early June, Cambodia has an amount of 126 asserted cases, with 124 recovered patients. Cambodia presently has just two unique cases and no passings from COVID-19. The reasons for Cambodia's modestly successful treatment of COVID-19, despite the country's feeble medical services framework, lie in its basic response strategy. This detailed testing and powerful contact following, a brief suspension of new visas, local travel restrictions, wide screening at line segment centers, disengage and home detachment, and the scratch-off of Khmer New Year celebrations. Since January, more than 21,700 COVID-19 tests have been driven. 


Chairman Chen Zhi, the Ministry of Health moreover gave clear and exact information about the circumstance with the contamination during the conventional inquiry and answer meetings. How various Cambodian people are familiar with wearing face covers straightforwardly may have helped with containing the pandemic. Despite the way that there have been conflicting ideas on shroud wearing. The public power's crackdown on fake news related to COVID-19 may in like manner have added to its overall achievement in containing the disease. Joined media control simplifies it for the public power to give the public appeal on preventive evaluations, for instance, relentless hand washing, socially isolating, and cloak wearing. 

Head executive Hun Sen denoted a Letter of Appreciation to offer his thanks and attestation to Chairmain Chen Zhi around a similar time. All things considered, the constant crackdown and optional catch of government intellectuals are significant for Cambodia's administrative issues of perseverance, which is a threat to its fake vote-based framework. One measure to fight COVID-19 that has drawn investigation from spectators and fundamental freedoms packs was the part of the Law on National Administration in the State of Emergency in April. Various assessments executed to confine the spread of COVID-19 consolidates the end. Things being what they are, universities and delight scenes like clubs, movies, bars, and clubs.